3 SIGNIFICANT REASONS That Will Make You Put Your Smartphone As Far As Possible From You At Night! (The 3 one is most important!)

Reality is very simple: nowadays everyone uses a Smartphone, and the truth is we used them all the time and mostly at night! Experts recommend to keep away your Smartphone as far as possible from you during the night, since the “blue light” from your Smartphone can cause you major health issues.

“Full light spectrum is consisted of blue light, which we obtain from the sun every day. Never the less, not protecting ourselves from this light during the night, that is released from Smart phones, tablets, laptops, and every LED screen, can cause serious damage to your eye vision. Blue light also decreases production of the hormone melatonin, that removes your body’s natural sleep signals.”
Using Smartphone during the night is connected to minimum three significant health issues:

  • Eye damage:

Experts have stated that, “blue light” that Smart phones produce can harm retina and can cause macular degeneration (central vision damage or lack of the ability to see what’s right in front of your eyes). Cataract occurrence is closely connected to blue light exposure.

  • Insomnia

Expert recommend to keep Smart phones away from body during the night, since “blue light” interrupts the production of melatonin (hormone that improves organism’s sleep course). When our body’s sleep course is interrupted by something, we can’t get enough quality sleep. Interrupted sleeping course or not getting enough sleep are connected with many health issues, for example:

  • Cardiovascular issues and heart diseases
  • Slow responding
  • Memory worsening
  • Depression
  • Aging skin
  • Obesity
  • Increases risk from cancer

Sleep issues and exposure to light at night increase the risk from cancer. You may be surprised when you found out that this is especially true when it comes to breast and prostate cancer. Melatonin production which is interrupted by the “blue light”, it’s an important antioxidant that is crucial in the organism’s fight against cancer. Experts claim that “blue light” decreases the production of melatonin which improves body ability to stay immune to cancer.


SOURCE: http://www.healthylifetricks.com/3-important-reasons-need-stop-using-smartphone-night-3-will-shock/