An EPIC response to body shaming! See what this girl did to silence people who say Women over 200 Lbs shouldn’t wear certain dresses in Public

Meet Sara Petty, a girl who is ready to take a stand against body-shaming, who proudly announces that she doesn’t care what mean people have to say about her body.

Petty saw a lot of tweets about what woman over 200 lbs should not be wearing in public. And even though the comments were not made on her personally, she decided to take a stand against it. It was made popular on Twitter by the body-shamers that women over 200 lbs should not wear bikinis, booty shorts, leggings or crop tops. So, Petty took pictures of her wearing exactly all this stuff and tweeted those pictures with the caption “Girls: Wear whatever the hell you want.” And the response she got was amazing.

Her tweet went viral and grossed over 100 retweets, 119k likes and countless people sending messages and showing their support and gratitude for her daring and courageous act. It was about time that someone took a stand against this cruel trend of body-shaming and we should all be thankful to Sara for making an effort to right this wrong. Join in the struggle and share this post with all your friends on Facebook and let’s hope one day we can put an end to the destructive body-shaming culture.

1. Booty Shorts

2. Bikini

3. Leggings

4. Crop Tops