Cinnamon Prevents From Obesity

Cinnamon consumption can protect the body from obesity, diabetes and insulin insufficiency. This has been stated by scientists from USA and Turkey on the meeting of American Cardiology Association in Minneapolis. Around one third of Earth population suffers from obesity, and in some countries – for example Great Britain or in the Middle East – half of the population suffers from an excessive weight. According to WHO forecast in 2025, number of people with an excessive kilograms will reach 2.7 billion, and the ones who suffer from finishing phases of obesity will increase for 17%.

Because of this reason, scientists and experts are trying to find methods for an exemption from excessive weight trough diets and medicines.

Turkish scientist Kazim Sahin and his colleges from the Firat University discovered that polyphenol antioxidants which are contained in cinnamon can help in the fight against obesity. They made an experiment with ten rodents, which were divided in two groups.

The first one is high calorie food rich in fats, and the other one – with regular. Both groups have received cinnamon as a supplement.

The experiment has shown that cinnamon had beneficial influence on the rodents, which fed with greasy food. Their weight is decreased for 10% in average, also in their blood was found little cholesterol and ferments, stimulating for storing fats in the liver and other vital organs.

Sahin and his colleges consider that cinnamon can be useful not only for culinary, but also for therapeutic aims – in fight against global obesity epidemics.