Diet with cucumber is ideal for those who hate to think too much what to eat while on a diet because the diet plan very simple: there are only a few foods that are consumed, and the diet itself is carried out ten days. There is also an extended version of 14 days where they recorded really great results: a loss of as much as 7 pounds – of course depending on the level of physical activity. The basis of the child makes cucumber salad that can be eaten in unlimited quantities every time you feel hungry.

Lettuce is rich in nutritive and not have to worry that you will miss something during the ten-day regime.
Other foods that are eaten during the day are:
2 boiled eggs or 150 grams of tuna drained of oil, or 150 grams of grilled white meat;
2 large boiled potatoes (can not cook, barytes, bake in the oven or not, and fry in oil) or 3 slices of whole wheat bread;
500 grams of fresh locally grown fruit.
Since the liquid is drunk plain water, tea, and allowed even the coffee (no sugar). It is strictly forbidden to have soft drinks, alcohol and sweets.
With each meal and between meals – can eat unlimited amounts of cucumber salad (recipe is below) or drink cucumber Sheikh – therefore, whenever you attack hunger – feel free to dig in to a salad or a shake of the cucumber.
Sample menu:
Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs + salad bowl of cucumber;
Snack: 5 plum or one large apple or peach … or some other seasonal fruit in the total weight of up to 200 gr
Lunch: Toasted wholemeal bread + salad bowl of cucumber
Snack: Sheikh of cucumber
Dinner: fruit of your choice (up to 300 gr)
How do you make a salad of cucumber
Lettuce is extremely fast real and very simple.

Ingredients are:

about 400 grams of cucumber;
2 dl sour milk or yogurt (when the local kefir can put it – brewing he’ll be more than rewarding) are and, if you wish, young garlic.


Peel and cut cucumber in a very small rings. Season with salt, stir gently to properly deploy and pour sour milk, yogurt or kefir and again gently mix everything. If desired taste and add finely chopped green garlic and serve immediately …

As the real sheik of cucumber:
In blender insert: a young cucumber (with all bark – naturally well washed), a handful of well-washed spinach, one rotten apple. If desired, add a little grated fresh ginger or a pinch of ginger powder. Mix well, pour into glasses and sprinkle the top with pieces of walnuts or almonds. Gently sip while fresh because the longer standing – loses nutrients.
This drink snabijdeće your body plenty of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A and K. The beverage is also rich in fiber, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, E and B, as well as calcium and potassium. The whole spectrum of everything that we need, all in one glass!
Additional notes:
Although this is a very simple diet, you need to pay attention to the quality of foods – try to use only fresh vegetables and fruit from a trusted supplier.
Moderate physical activity is an important job of any child but with these, so the half-hour brisk walk (that’s her walk where you feel you start sweating) – significantly help to reduce overweight