Do This and You Will Cure Yourself: Thyroid Diseases Come From Resentments and Frozen Emotions!

Dr. Knjazkin: onion does wonders!

At night, before going to bed, take one onion and cut it in half so that the juice comes out of it, according to Mis-elixir. The thyroid is consisted of two lobes, left and right, which are connected with a narrowing-isthmus. Massage the neck in the thyroid area with smooth, circular movements with the onion halves-first, one half for one thyroid lobe and then the second one for the other lobe. Then, without washing your neck, lay down in your bed so that this juice can accomplish its function overnight. This is a simple way in which the thyroid functioning is encouraged in a completely natural way.

Dr. Torsunov’s advice-SING!

Dr. Oleg Torsunov advises all people who experience thyroid problems, especially patients with decreased thyroid gland function, to help their organ by singing! He says that the thyroid gland, and in general the entire endocrine system, is closely related to the human emotions, especially with the emotion of love. The thyroid suffers when a person is going through some rough period and when people respond to others’ wrongdoings with a feeling of deep hurt and resentment. Moreover, negative emotions, in a way, remain frozen in the organism, pile up in the thyroid and the thyroid becomes ill. What’s more, emotions need to be movable. Release the entire piled up, negative emotions by singing since the sound easily removes them from the organism. Additionally, Dr. Torsunov adds: “Sing because singing will tear the emotional constraints in the thyroid gland.  Sing joyful songs, no matter what your problems are and what your mood is. Sing with joy and love, dance, make others happy and you will get better!”

Curing your thyroid gland- G.Sytin

George Sytin is a famous Russian scientist, an author of numerous efficient texts for self- programming of healing the organism. His technique SOEVS is developed in around 50 vast scientific works, with approximately 20000 healing texts. He defended his doctor dissertation from the field of medicine, psychology, pedagogy and philosophy.

During the Second World War, he was heavily wounded and the doctors claimed that he was 100 percent invalid and there is no cure for him. Then he started creating healing texts and cured himself completely. Furthermore, with these texts, thousands of other people managed to heal themselves.

It is a technique based on the ability of people to help their ill organism with the help of words. Healing texts encourage our feelings, strengthen our thoughts, mobilize our will, create high concentration of will and direct our decidedness toward adopting the text and thus helping ourselves.

The text for healing the thyroid gland

“In my thyroid God pours new, young, energetic, joyful life. This new life has filled my thyroid gland. New, young life gives birth to a new, young, God-given, healthy thyroid structure. God pours holy, divine healing that gives birth to a God-created divinely healthy thyroid structure. My entire thyroid is reborn younger, God-created, with a divinely healthy built. My immunity system with its enormous, divine energy dissolves all the nodes in the thyroid. All nodes therefore, decrease, disappear forever without trace. All structures of my thyroid divinely regenerate a God created, young, healthy built. My gland revives, physically strengthens, flourishes. My thyroid gland properly and energetically completes its numerous functions. As a lighting flash I feel that I am completely, entirely, ideally healthy, joyful, beautiful, and full of health and strength.”

It is for the best if you read and record this healing text and then listen to it for several times during the day, while you are moving around, or working around the house, while you are walking or in riding in the public transport…

While you are listening to the text and repeating it in yourself, imagine what you are hearing i.e. program yourself to healing. In order for the organism to adopt the text, you need 500 to 1000 times of listening. Afterwards, when your organism completely adopts the text and the words of the scholar Sytin, these words will become a component of your thoughts i.e. your thoughts will eliminate the disorders in your organism and restore your health.