Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

Stop feeding your children hot dogs!

Hot dogs are undoubtedly an American favorite.

However, new research shows that children who eat more than a dozen hot dogs in a month are nine times more prone to childhood leukemia.

Moreover, mothers who eat a hot dot every week during pregnancy increases their kid’s risk of developing brain tumors later in their life. Likewise, a father who often eats hot dogs before getting a child increases their child’s risk to cancer.

Where’s the problem?

Hot dogs have nitrites as an additive to combat botulism.

During the process of preparing the hot dog, nitrites combine with amines contained in the meat to form N-nitroso, an extremely carcinogenic compound.

Hence, it’s advisable to limit your family’s hot dog intake or look for nitrite-free meats.

You can as well request that supermarkets start to carry nitrite-free hot dogs exclusively and petition your local school board to avoid hot dogs that have nitrites.