Eliminate All Toxins From The Body In 48 Hours – A Weekend Detoxification Plan

Toxins are all around us. They are constantly absorbed by our bodies and affect our organisms. And when toxicity levels reach a certain high point they lead to a number of negative effects, like dry skin, fatigue, loss of energy, and restless sleep.

When your body’s toxin levels are high, it will also make you more prone to viruses, colds, and other diseases. Because there isn’t much to do to protect yourself from toxins, the best way to keep yourself healthy is to make sure that you regularly detoxify your body.

It is never too late to start detoxifying yourself, and the sooner you start – the sooner you’ll feel better. The best way to do it is to get all the information and devise a yearly plan to keep yourself healthy.

Detoxification usually affects five of your body’s vital organs: the lungs, lymphatic system, intestines, liver, and kidney, which is why you need to first use a diet that’s good for these organs.
The next thing to do would be to devise an exercise routine consisted of going to the gym, swimming, or walking, while also making sure you additionally aid the detoxification process with herbal teas.

Your diet should consist of eating meat, potatoes, and low fat food, while also using a lot of fruits and hydrating your body as often as possible. And the best way to aid your detoxification is to use birch, nettle, or dandelion tea.

The recommended schedule is usually doing it two times a year, 10 days each, but I prefer to break those 10 days into several weekends, twice, or even three times a year.

Here’s a practical dietary plan that you can use during your detox weekends.

Your weekend detox:

Each morning drink 8.4 oz of tepid water, right after waking up.


For your breakfast eat 1 cup of oat flakes, with a ½ cup of grainy fruits (blueberry is my favorite), and 1 spoon of linseed. You can use 200 ml of diet yogurt for your cereals. Also, drink 250 ml of green tea.

For your lunch eat some Swiss chard with potatoes, and 250g of grilled hake for your main course, and for your starter make a salad lettuce, tomatoes and arugula (a small bowl) and season it with olive oil and lemon juice. For your dessert you should either eat a melon slice, or a banana.

For in between, you can drink a glass of yogurt mixed with a ¼ cup of pumpkin seed, and eat an apple.

For your dinner you can eat the same salad you had for lunch as your starter, and a 150g of grilled tuna, a small pastry (integral flour), and a ½ cup of steamed veggies for your main course. You can drink 250ml of anise tea with your meal.


For your breakfast eat 1 pear and 1 cup of oat flakes, with 1 spoon of linseed. You can use 200ml of almond milk for your cereals. Also, drink 250ml of green tea.

For in between, you can eat a grapefruit.

For your lunch eat a vegetable soup for your starter, and 200 g of barbecued chicken breasts, and 150g of pickles for your main course. You can drink 250ml of plain water with your meal.

For your dinner you can prepare a salad with carrots and beets, and eat it with a small pastry (integral flour). You can drink a cup of nettle tea with your dinner.

Well, why don’t you give it a try and share your results!

SOURCE: http://www.healthguide365.com/