Everyday Objects, Which Cause Acnes

We usually think that exposing to sun beams can damage our skin.

The truth is that some of things which we use in everyday life, can be responsible for acne and red spot appearance.

Here are things we should always consider.

Pillow covers

Skin fats and toxins stay on the pillow, which can be reason to wake up with acnes in the morning. We can avoid this, if we change pillow covers twice a week and if we clean our face before we go to sleep.

Mobile phone

If it’s covered with bacteria, and that’s the object at which we rely our face every day. The result from this are very often acnes on the cheek. That’s why we should ensure ourselves to clean our skin and our phone or to use headphones, while we talk.


Many of us keep their sunglasses on their head or in their backpack. Therefore, when we put them, the dirt blocks the pores on the nose, which is an ideal recipe for black spots and pimples. To protect our skin we should clean them often.


When we exaggerate with piling, it leads to disorder of external skin layers, the skin becomes dry and inflamed. Cleaning our skin, once a week it’s enough to prevent accumulation of dirt and grease on the skin.