Get rid of spider veins in a really quick way!

Spider veins are discolored veins similar to, but less prominent than, varicose veins. They can be treated in a variety of ways, including at a doctor’s office. However, several folk remedies have a strong reputation for lessening, or curing, the appearance of veins without a costly doctor’s visit. Apple cider vinegar has helped many people lessen the appearance of their spider veins. Below, you will learn several different methods of using apple cider vinegar to reduce the bothersome appearance of spider veins.

Causes of spider veins

There are many factors that can contribute to the development of spider veins – some you can influence more easily than others. Risk factors include:

  • Family predisposition
  • Prolonged standing, sometimes connected with certain professions
  • Obesity
  • Taking contraceptive pills
  • A history of blood clots or circulation problems
  • Hormonal influences – they are more common during puberty, pregnancy and menopause

How to get rid of spider veins naturally

Topical remedies

Remedies applied directly to the veins can help relieve the symptoms and shrink them quickly. Try the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

This heavy-weight champion of natural remedies strikes again. A recent study published on 2016 suggested that the external application of apple vinegar on varicosity patients increased the positive effects of conservative treatment.

The patients in the study group were suggested to apply ACV to the area of the leg with varicosityalongside the treatment suggested by the doctor. The patients in the control group received no intervention during the study. After 3 months, the external application of ACV was found to increase the effect of conservative treatment and decrease symptoms without causing any side effects.

  1. Soak a piece of cloth in raw unprocessed ACV and wrap it around the area with spider webs (precaution – if you have a sensitive skin or apply it to the delicate skin on the face, it’s best to dilute the ACV with water and start with applying it for a shorter period of time to see how your skin reacts).
  2. Leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove.
  3. Repeat twice a day until you can no longer see the veins.