Heroic Man Jumps into a car when he notices that something is wrong with the driver.

A recent press release from the Dixon Police Department elaborated an extraordinary incident in which the officers noticed that something was wrong when a vehicle crossed a red light and nearly hit multiple cars on its way through the intersection. The officers set off to chase after the car.

While they were tailing the car, they noticed that the car was now beginning to drift into the oncoming lanes of traffic.

Then all of a sudden, a Dixon resident sprang into action to save the day. He dove into the car through the passenger seat to stop the out of control vehicle. It was then found that the driver of the vehicle was suffering from a seizure and therefore had lost control. He was then sent to a medical facility to get proper medical attention.

It is always very refreshing to know about such incidences where ordinary people display their extraordinary capabilities and save the day.

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