How Dirty Is Your Mind Really?

It is a fact that every single person perceives things differently and forms a different perspective. Three different people might read the same book but may form three different opinions. Every human being is unique in his or her own way when it comes to the brains capacity to process information.

A psychological test designed by scientists to see how dirty a mind can be, it is fun and exciting. Not only men but also women have dirty minds as well, this is fun share it with your friend and you can check your results.

You might have come across some images that looked a bit dirty but in reality, it was something simple. This happens because the part of the brain that processes dirty thoughts overrides the other one. In layman’s terms, the dirty section of your mind has occupied more space than the clean section in your mind.

Sometimes you look at an apple it looks exactly like a curvy woman’s butt; some vegetables look like genitals. This is very normal because some fruits are de-shaped and end up looking like human sex organs. It does not stop at fruits or vegetables. Many things look dirty and rather sexual at first glance.

Have you ever experienced situations where you would tune into a strangers conversation that you originally had no interest in. Just because one of them utters something that sounds dirty and they immediately have your attention. It’s because every human wants to know the other person’s inclination towards sexuality. When someone talks about it people usually listen. That is how it works, they were talking about something simple but you were trying to find something dirty in their conversation. This happens when you have a dirty mind.

Science has proven that more women have dirty minds as compared to men. Men have the tendency to get involved in work. When a man is concentrating on anything he is literally not thinking about anything else. Whereas, women can work and think about all sorts of different things at the same time. Both men and women have dirty minds. Women are prone to show more hesitation towards revealing their dirty side as compared to men (you know men are men). They own their dirty side and some are very proud of how dirty their mind can think. However, it does not matter if you are a man or woman. Everyone is bound to have some dirty thoughts in their minds.

Overall, having a dirty mind is a good thing there are a number of benefits of having a dirty mind. People find you funny, they will like your dirty humor, and your dirty mind will make your sex life good and kinky.