How To Relieve The Terrible Toothache By Yourself In Just A Few Minutes

Toothache is often caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by enamel eroding acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth cavity which eats the starches and sugars you consume.

1. Warm water and salt for the pain

Add 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 glass of warm water. Use the mixture as mouth wash to reduce the swelling and pain.

2. Treating tooth infection with oil pulling

Swish two tablespoons of oil for 15 minutes in your mouth. The oil pulling will destroy the harmful bacteria and reduce the chances of tooth infection, yellow teeth and bad breath.

3. Salt and pepper for toothache

You can reduce the pain with salt and pepper because these two ingredients have excellent anti-bacterial characteristics. Make homemade toothpaste with little water, and equal amounts of salt and pepper. Apply the paste on the tooth that hurts and leave the mixture for several minutes on it.

4. Garlic for the pain

Mix table salt with a garlic powder or garlic clove. Apply the remedy on the tooth. Repeat the treatment for several days. It is even more effective to chew garlic cloves if you can.

5. Cloves for toothache

Mix olive oil or any other vegetable oil with 2 smashed cloves. Apply the remedy on the tooth. You can also make a mouth wash with a glass of water and a few drops of clove oil.

6. Ginger as a pain reliever

Gargle your mouth with ginger soaked in water.

7. Ice cubes

Crush ice cubes and put them on the cheeks or jaw. You can also put crushed ice cubes in the mouth. Gargling with cold water for several minutes can also help you relieve toothaches.

8. Onions

You can use onions to relive pain because this vegetable has powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. To treat your toothache chew onions for several minutes.

9. Turmeric as a pain reliever

Create a paste with several drops of mustard oil and half spoon turmeric. Apply it on the tooth and spit the remedy after 15 minutes. Repeat the treatment until the pain is gone.

10. Tea bags

To reduce the pain and swelling use a tea bag because it contains astringent tannin.

11. Guava

Chew 2 guava leaves to relieve the pain. You can also make your own mouth wash by mixing boiling water, salt and guava leaves. Use the mixture as a mouth wash when it cools down.

12. Peppermint leaves

Chew fresh leaves of this herb. You can also use dried leaves if you cannot find fresh peppermint.