Nurse Captures Rare Moment Baby Is Born Inside Fully Intact Amniotic Sac.

Every mom thinks their newborn baby is the most special in the world, but this baby’s welcome to the world actually was just a tad more special than most. That’s because when he was born, he wasn’t totally born — instead, after being removed from mom’s belly via C-section, he remained in his amniotic sac.

This is an extraordinarily rare occurrence, also known as the baby being born en caul. Normally, even with a C-section, the sac will burst when disrupted — but every once in awhile, it stays put. This incredible video gives us some insight into what’s really going on inside mom’s womb — and this baby’s adorable curled up position seems to say, “Hold on guys, let me just stay in bed a few minutes longer.” See the amazing footage of the en caul birth below.