Shocking Video Goes Viral of a girl brutally beating up a boy, who She thinks has stolen her iPhone

A video has recently gone viral in which a girl was caught screaming obscenities and brutally beating up a boy, who she believed had stolen her iPhone. The boy can clearly be seen restraining himself from hitting her back. In the video, the girl can be repeatedly heard saying things like “You have my s***, b****,”, while the boy keeps denying it.

Christian Cato, the original uploader of the video, wrote the following description:
“I was there when it happened we go to Westbury High school. This white boy at our school loved to steal and sell phones. So, he picked the wrong girl to steal from, she beats the s*** out of him. He stole her iPhone and her MacBook Pro. And at the end she doesn’t get her iPhone or MacBook back.”

The viewers of this video have contrasting views about the altercation, some say that the boy should have hit the girl back, while others maintain that it is never ok to hit a girl. One viewer commented on the Mad World News, “I used to say never hit a woman, I no longer believe that for many reasons. I would knock her teeth out. If anyone questioned my decision, I would tell them I now identify myself as a female. So, stuff that in your safe space. Lol.” Another one commented, “If she wants to hit somebody like that she needs to get hit back. It’s actually getting out of control where these girls think they can just punch these boys and get away with it and that was my son defend yourself.”

While others held a different opinion, “No he should walk away. My grandson old girlfriend hit him he walks away it’s not right that she hit but men and boys are stronger. They may not know how hard that punch they give can do. What if she fell wrong and died or injured badly.”

Do comment below and let us know which group do you side with. Is hitting a girl ever justified? If so, who decides when the line has been crossed? Make sure to share this video with all your friends on Facebook and give everyone a chance to introspect and think about it this issue.