Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Early morning sunshine on your skin is a good source of vitamin D.

Apart from the refreshing feeling you get when you let the rays of the sun touch your skin early in the morning, you will also avail yourself with the very important benefits of this crucial vitamin.

Vitamin D is known to influence our moods; it is likely that your vitamin D levels are down when you have sporadic mood swings.

Signs of vitamin D deficiency

A complete blood work will help you know if your vitamin D levels are alarmingly low. There are also some tell-tale symptoms you can look out for that would indicate you have depleted vitamin D levels.

  • Mood swings, as mentioned earlier you may be lacking vitamin D if you have erratic mood swings. Your serotonin levels will rise when you are exposed to sunlight in the morning and likewise it will fall when you are not. This hormone released by your brain is what raises your mood.
  • Bone pains us also a sign of vitamin deficiency. Often times sufferers of this condition are misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome when in actual fact the person may just need a vitamin D tune up.
  • If you have a sweaty head, then you may need vitamin D. Frequent sweating on your head is an early sign of vitamin D deficiency.
  • Also if you have gastrointestinal problems where you have difficulty with your stomach functions like in the absorption of fat. If you have such condition you may have trouble absorbing vitamin D also.

Having a darker skin tone and if you are over the age of 50 years you are susceptible to vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D health benefits:

  • Having normal amounts of Vitamin D can help protect you from developing cancer such as breast cancer.
  • Vitamin D will boost your immune system to help your body combat infections such as common cold and flu.
  • This vitamin will help in lowering your blood pressure, in reducing your risk of developing a heart condition and it will help your body from being at risk of developing a stroke.

Get tested at your local hospital if you suspect that you have vitamin D deficiency. Also boost your vitamin D levels by getting out absorbing some the early morning sunshine.

Don’t stay too long in the sun though so as to avoid sunburn.