Swindling oil is one the most famous methods for cleaning mouth cavity in Ayurveda, but its benefits exceed the mouth.

The oil attracts the bacteria and helps in their removal from the organism. This ancient technique of cleaning looks unusual to many, but it has been proved that swindling oil affects on many health issues. Besides this, helps in throwing out many different toxins which we receive from the food or air, which the body has difficulties in recognizing and can’t throw out completely. They store in the body, where they mix with a tissue creating toxic waste. Therefore swindling oil has shown as a good way for removing big part of these toxins and decreasing of their toxicity. Old Ayurveda texts say that this method helps in curing whole bunch of illnesses, such as migraines, arthritis, thrombosis, asthma, insomnia, blood disorders, intestinal diseases and diseases related to digestion, heart conditions, hormonal imbalance, eczema and other skin diseases. Some doctors from Ayurveda believe that swindling can help at serious diseases as cancer or AIDS as additional therapy.

Depending on the severity and duration of the illness, this therapy sometimes shows results in one week, but sometimes few months are necessary to pass so that the result becomes visible.

It is considered that during oil swindling the whole blood in your organism passes through the mouth cavity, so it is being cleaned throwing viruses, bacteria and toxins in the oil. For swindling is best to use coconut, sunflower or sesame oil, but any other can be used too. It’s only important the oils to be organic, coldly strained and not to be industrially processed. In the summer months the best for use is olive oil, which has a cooling effect, and you can use mixture from different oils. An oil spoon is being put in the mouth, in the morning, and this amount is swindled around twenty minutes. Swindle slowly, following every move concisely.

Take care that the oil gets to every part of the mouth cavity, meanwhile try not to swallow it. The oil collects the toxins from the whole body, so it wouldn’t be good with swallowing to be returned into the organism. This procedure is repeated every morning until you feel relieved from the illness or difficulties. After 70 seconds, the oil connects with the saliva, after 250 seconds it connects with the blood, and after 600 seconds begins throwing out toxins from the organism through the glands. When bacteria and toxins start binding with the oil, it becomes creamy and receives white color, which means that the cleaning is successful.

After swindling, it’s best to wash the mouth cavity with salty water, and to wash your teeth obligatory. It’s recommended to use two tooth brushes – one in the morning and other for the evening. Since after swindling in the mouth, part of the toxins remain and bacteria that has been recovered from the organism, can be left on the brush.

Although with brush drying most of the bacteria die, it’s better to be careful, especially if you’re suffering from some serious condition. So it is better in the rest of the day to wash the teeth with some special brush, so that you don’t return the toxins in the organism in the course of every other brushing. Swindle easy and calm.

Swindle the oil relaxed since in contrary your jaw could hurt and the muscles of the mouth cavity, because of what the procedure could be painful and you wouldn’t finish it successfully. Swindling shouldn’t take you much time, since in the meantime you could work on something else, as showering or making breakfast.

You’re going to feel you are in a better mood and your fatigue will disappear. Regular and proper swindling will result in curing lot of conditions and disorders. Except cleaning oral micro flora and strengthening teeth meat, it improves the change of substances in the organism, it returns life strength, the fatigue, insomnia and bad mood disappear. This is why Ayurveda calls this method radical energetic cleansing.