The Length Of Your Thumb Reveals How You Behave In Love Relationships!

Take a closer look at your thumb and pay attention on the distance between the wrists on it, since they can tell more about your personality.

The first half of the thumb is longer than the second one:

You are passionate and faithful in your relationships. You are often obsessive in your relationships. You ignore your work or studying when in these cases. If your partner is late in replaying messages or not much paying attention to your phone calls, you will go crazy and make nervous everyone around you. This often scares away your partners.

The first half and the second half of the thumb are even:

Your activities are always planned and you always approach things specifically, which allows you to achieve your goals easier. You are calm in every situation. You are the same in your love relationships. You are objective in judging your partner’s emotions. You are always going slow in relationships because of your calmness.

The second half of thumb is longer than the first one:

People like you because you are trustworthy and reliable person. Your observation skill is good and you always take your time before deciding something important. You are the same in your love relationships. When you have a crush on someone, you control your feelings well.