THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HORSE IN THE WORLD : After the scientists researched its hairs, they remained shocked

It belongs to a rare race Akhal-Teke which counts only 1250 horses in the world
The horses are graceful and wonderful creatures that delight with some kind of special form of beauty that is rare in the animal kingdom.
But, no matter how beautiful they are, there is one special kind which separates itself from the others so much, that has officially gained the title most beautiful horse in the world.
This horse originates from Turkey, and it is called Akhal -Teke, which is a name for a rare race that counts only 1250 horses through the world. They are known for its temperament and its force and in China they call them sky horses after its bright hairs.
The name is quite good guessed if its considered that these animals simply shine on the light, as they were bathed in gold. The experts have analyzed its hairs to find out what exactly creates this effect and they concluded that the answer lies in the self structure of the hairs.
Actually, every hair of this race of horses acts as a light amplifier and reflects beams of the light. You must agree, a truly wonderful kind of horses.