These young boys are asked to slap a girl, their response is absolutely amazing!

One of the many major issues that still plague modern society is the violence towards women. As civilized people, we are taught that violence is never the answer, however, the sad truth is that violence exists, even in relationships. Relationship violence is way more common than we would like to think.

Such violence not only leaves physical scars on the victim, but psychological too, and these scars are usually hidden and long lasting.

The video below depicts the mental process of a child with respect to how children see women. Especially how they feel about violence towards women. They were first asked questions like, how old they were and what they wanted to be when they grow up. They were then introduced to a girl and were asked questions about her. They all responded by saying that they found the girl to be very pretty.

The interviewer in the video then asks the kids to do some things, like make funny faces at the girl and to caress her. The kids gladly followed these instructions. They were then asked to do something that shocked them.
The interviewer says, “Slap her”, the kids not only seem confused but rather hurt by this instruction. They all refuse to obey this instruction and when asked the reason, they all give such beautiful responses that will just warm your heart.This video is a real eye-opener and really makes one think about this issue. Watch here.

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