This Man Died Days After This Red Spot Showed Up. When The Docs Figured Out Why? They Freaked!

Six months ago, a man in Kansas died from an awful death of which the doctor couldn`t give any explainable reason. However, it was revealed that his death was caused by a lethal virus which is transferred through ticks and is quickly spreading all over the U.S.

It’s commonly known that viruses can’t be treated with antibiotics, and additionally this makes the situation even worse. This type of virus has never seen before in the Western part of the Earth. According to the infectious disease experts,it has similar genome to some diseases found in Africa,Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The disease is named Bourbon virus, since the man who died lived in Bourbon Country, Kansas. Researchers are conducting researches intensively in order to discover what in the genome led to immensely high fever, anorexia, unbearable muscle pain, and in the end, death.