Top 3 Beauty Advices

Look irresistible with our top 3 beauty advices:

  • Gentle face piling from almond and sour cream

Ingredients: 3 spoons sour cream, cup of sugar, ½ cup of brown sugar, 2 spoons olive oil, ½ cup of grounded almonds.

Preparation: Apply the piling on dry face and rub gently the skin with circle moves. Wash your face first with warm, and then with cold water.

  • Quick and thorough way against eye bags

Ingredients: two ticker cucumber pieces, two bags green tea

Preparation: Keep the cucumber and the bags in refrigerator, and the put them on the eyes and leave them act around 10 minutes. Green tea will naturally tighten the capillaries.

  • Basil tonic for face cleaning

Basil is a great antiseptic that beats bacteria that cause acnes. Take three spoons dry basil and put them in boiled water. Cool the water and apply it on your face or neck with a cotton. Repeat this procedure every day before you clean your face.