Why are Arabian women so beautiful – here’s their secret!?

Although women residents of the Arabian countries hide their faces and bodies from curious faces, legends have been told about their beauty. These reserved and mysterious women are with luxurious dark hair, velvet skin and eyes without bottom and that’s why they keep their beauty secret diligently, transferring their secrets from generation to generation.

Hair care

The secret of dense and shiny hair of Arabian beauties is in special care which includes use only of natural ingredients. Before washing they rub their hair in the root with yoghurt or kefir. Fermented products recover fast hair structure, which makes it soft and shiny. If you want to try it too – you should make alone yoghurt – industrial analog that doesn’t bring any benefits.

Hair kna

Arabian women don’t like modern hair dyes: same as before hundred years, oriental beauties prefer natural women. The plant Lawsonia inermis whose leaves are cooked, in order to obtain kna, grows in abundance in East countries. And if you add linen (another natural color), hair color becomes saturated black. By the way, colorless kna is a perfect mask for hair nutrition.

Black eyes

The eyes are the only visible “weapon” of the Arabian women, since all other body parts are hidden from the national cloth. Beautiful eye line of the oriental girls is drawn with the help of antimony. In addition of all their decorative qualities, it strengthens perfectly eyelashes and eyebrows and it makes their color brighter. Today antimony is used in many cosmetic brands in form of eyeliner and voix dust.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

On the East, dense and endlessly long eyelashes are considered for an ideal of beauty. Therefore, all Arabian girls from childhood use rucola oil which actively stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. This wakes even “fallen asleep” follicles. Check the effects of this mean on yourself: after a month eyelashes get longer, and eyebrows denser.

Face care

For cleaning the skin of your face, ladies from East use natural tonic – pink water. This product has a calming effect, it decreases inflammation and redness. While women in Europe have a tendency to maintain golden tan at any time in the year, in contrary, they try to obtain white, pale skin. They use lemon acid as natural bleach. If you want fresh and shiny skin – smear your face with lemon juice. And lemon rind can be an excellent mongrel.

Arabian girls prefer natural face masks. Most popular ingredient for “homemade” mask is turmeric. It’s made like this: mix two spoons flour, little turmeric, 2 spoons pink water and the amount of milk. Apply the obtained mixture on your face, keep it around for about 20 minutes and wash it with warm water.